Vacumobil VP 250

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最新研发出的压块机系列BrikStar CSD具有众多设计上的独特性,从而可为使用者带来众多优点。其节省空间的外型设计可使其非常理想的安装在除尘器或小型过滤装置下方。


带有自动开启/关闭功能的SPS-控制系统可节省不必要的运营时间(结合旋转开关使用,将更理想)。此外,该系列产品在设计上具有的一个观察口,从而确保 机器运营无风险。BrikStar CSD产品具有一个坚实的螺旋上料棒和大容量的上料槽,可满足大量上料的要求,同时也适用于对轻质粗材进行压块。

Briquetting presses

Briquetting presses from HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK combine the experience of more than 50 years of plant construction. The BrikStar-series is characterized by very compact design in combination with an innovative control technique and hydraulic unit - for a clean and safe operation with maximum compact results.

Experience, that goes around the world

Höcker Polytechnik designs and builds with the experience of 1001 briquetting press and more than 50 years of plant engineering. The gathered knowledge and competence is shared by conviction with our customers and partners. Höcker Polytechnik is not only focussing on the continuous development of the applied technology but also on the comprehensive support and maintenance of machines on customers` sites. Our service technicians near you can be reached around the clock, seven days a week. We have an established network of service centres in all major industrial regions and continents. We want to see your machines running.


Compacting produces high-value material, for example biomass briquettes that are sought after as an alternative energy source; the calorific value of 2 kilograms of briquettes is equal to approx. 0.9 litres of heating oil. Prices for scrap metal continue to rise. Briquetting of metal chips increases the cash value of metal scrap depending on the alloy and the development of steel prices.