MD 160

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 The suction power of electrical tools and small machines is becoming increasingly significant, with studies carried out by Holz BG (“Holzberufsgenossenschaft” or Timber Workers’ Trade Association) showing that the level of dust exposure in the bench area is often unacceptably high.

With its medium-pressure suction system MD 160A, Höcker Polytechnik is offering for the first time a product that is equally suitable both for suction at several individual small stationary machines and for simultaneous suction at up to six manually operated machines.
Compared with industrial vacuum cleaners, the device has a very large air capacity and yet produces a large vacuum.
This is ensured by a built-in directly driven special fan while the complete enclosure of the fan and of the drive motor ensure a very low noise level of roughly 74 dB (A).

This high-performance dust removal device is also tested for pressure shock and works by way of compressed air pulse cleaning of the filter hoses whereby the device can be operated continuously, making it suitable even for non-stop operation over several shifts.

Furthermore, the dust remover is characterised by its particularly compact, slim design, with a required base area of around 1 x 1 m, which makes it suitable for use almost anywhere within manufacturing plants.